Web Development ServicesWhat type of site do you need?

Whether it's a simple informational site, a complex e-commerce storefront or anything between,
Blue Muse can provide you with the perfect solution that fits your needs (and stays within your budget).


Business Websites

From simple informational sites to large corporate portals. Includes: social networking, e-newsletter, contact forms and more.


Charge a one-time or recurring fee for site access. Built-in member manager allows you to easily manage users, plans and subscriptions.

Online Stores

Sell your products online. A full-featured shopping cart system with no limitation on number of items, categories, coupon codes and product options.

Social Networks

Create your own Facebook-like community with searchable profiles, walls, groups, photo galleries, videos and more.

Directory Sites

Searchable listings customized to fit your exact needs. Perfect for real estate agencies, car dealerships and business directories.

Video Sites

Build your own mini-YouTube with streaming videos, channels, user uploads and sharing and fine-tuned permission controls.


Does Your Project Fall Somewhere Between Categories?

We understand that every project is unique and that some don't fit neatly into one of the above categories. Luckily we're experts at developing custom solutions that provide all the functionality your project requires — while still keeping everything simple to manage through your site's control panel.

Drop us a line and let us show you what's possible.

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